*Change up*

Just a note: As you may have noticed the last post was from someone receiving kindness. I think that's perfectly acceptable for what we're trying to accomplish here too. So if you've got some stories about things you've experienced you'd like to send us, go for it!

On the Receiving End

This is kind of the opposite of what this site is looking for but I just wanted to mention this one, cuz well it was interesting and sometimes it's nice to let people know they've made a difference and that your grateful. I was in a roll-over awhile back on my way home for Christmas. Wind and black ice are not a good combo.

My vehicle rolled 4-5 times before coming to a stop and thanks to a seatbelt I had no severe injuries. The vehicle was totally crushed. I was bleeding and did need an ambulance and my cell phone was strewn in the ditch somewhere along with everything else I had. I took a piece of the dirty laundry I'd been hauling and tried to flag someone down but cars just kept on driving by. It was the middle of the day and at least a dozen of them saw me and kept driving! I couldn't believe it. Finally an old man stopped to see if I was ok. I was scared out of my mind, on the brink of shock, and freezing cold. He didn't know what to do, didn't have a phone, and had been on his way to take his wife to an important doctors appointment in a town a couple hours away, but he was the one that stopped to see if I was ok. I thought it was kind of ironic, that of all the people that passed me by, he was probably the one with the best reason for not stopping yet he did. A short while later a van full of National guard women (the medical unit actually) drove up. They'd seen me roll and had driven to the first exit and turned around to come back and help. An ambulance came and took me to the hospital, the guardswomen put all of my stuff that had been scattered in the ditch into one nice pile in my pickup, the nice older couple stopped by the hospital later to check on me, and I was released later that evening. I'd like to thank that couple for keeping me company while I was scared even though they had important things to do and didn't really even know how to help other than just be there, and thank the ND National Guardswomen that helped me that day.

From North Dakota

Perfect Timing

Here's one a friend told me awhile back

A girl I hung out with in high school came to class one day and looked kinda faraway. It seemed like she was lost in another world, and not a nice one. I couldn't figure out what could be bothering someone so much when she seemed to have everything going for her. I don't know why but I got the urge to finally tell her what a great person I thought she was. Nothing major, just something casual like "You know you're a really cool person to have around." A few weeks later she missed a week of class and I later found out she'd been hospitalized for severe depression. A few years later she thanked me by saying it was that simple statement that helped her hold on until she got the help she needed.

From Montana

Adventures in Grocery Shopping

I was enjoying a bright sunny summer afternoon drive to the grocery store when I noticed a man holding up a sign asking for money, food, or anything to help him. He looked pretty weathered and sad and had a shaggy old dog with him. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to have to stand on the busy street corner and ask for food from strangers. It wasn't exaclty commonplace for this area. I decided to pick up a few extra things at the store to help him out. I put a few cans of beans, soup, beef jerky, a box of granola bars, and some dog treats in a bag. I drove up next to the man and waved him over to my window, rolled it down and passed him the bag. The look in his eyes said it all as he stuttered "Oh, God bless you Ma'am." smiled, sat down, and took out something out to share with his beloved dog.

From Minnesota

*The Technical Stuff*

Got a story to send? Just click any post's comment link and, in order to keep the senders annonymity, I'll just copy the text and paste it in a new post. The sender's info won't be stored, but deleted immediately to protect privacy.

While the purpose of this site is to share ideas for random acts that we can do for others, common sense is vital. Sometimes it's not always safe to take certain actions, such as stopping for someone on a dark highway late at night. Just think of alternatives for what you're trying to accomplish, in this case, calling the highway patrol to let them know someone needs help is just as effective. Be practical.

All posts will have regular titles, posts about changes within the blog, it's content, or anything else I think are important about the site will be enclosed in * *.

We reserve the right to edit submissions for appropriate content, length, and to add catchy titles if you didn't put your own ;-)

Finally this was a pretty random idea, and is a new site and as such, a work in progress. Constructive input is welcome.

Well, that's all for now. Stay tuned for updates, stories, and hopefully a more asthetically pleasing layout. heh.

*Introducing Project Random Acts*

Hey, do you find yourself watching the news being crushed by what you see in the news?

Do you wish you could change the world but feel helpless to do anything substantial?

Do you want to see more about the good things happening in this world, see the good people are doing?

Well that's why I'm starting this site. This is a site for people to post the random acts of kindness they've shown others and give the rest of us some simple ideas we might be able to use in our own lives. They might not be things that change life, but sometimes it's enough to make a difference in the life of one person and if only for a moment, shine the light of love on someone who needs it.

If you'd like to participate please send your stories and help us grow. It can be as simple as tossing a some food to a stranger, calling the highway patrol for a stranded motorist, or bringing a smile to someone who's having a bad day. Since this isn't a site about people looking to be praised for doing good, but a source of good ideas for others to use all submissions will be kept annonymous. So send your stories, share some hope, and lets see if we can make a ripple effect.... ;-)